I like to meditate for at least five minutes in the morning and at night. In the morning it is the first thing I do on rising. I slip out of bed and find a quiet space to be still.  In the summer I love to sit outside on the balcony at dawn. At other times, it’s as simple as sitting on cushion on the floor beside my bed.

I personally find that sitting on the floor makes me feel more grounded than when I sit on a piece of furniture I am tempted to sink into. I sit comfortably with my back straight and hands resting on my knees with eyes closed. I still my mind, letting any thoughts just come and go.

Doing this for five or so minutes every morning sets me up so well for the day. I notice the difference mostly when I don’t do it, as I seem to be more uptight during the day or just don’t seem to be my best.

I follow the same five minute meditation pattern at night time. This quietens my mind ready for sleep and allows anything from the day that has bothered me to not hinder me from sleep.

The overall meaning of this practice for me is to that it allows me to be the best me I can. I can be inclined to worry or to be anxious but the practice of meditation helps this to not to play a large part in my life like it once did. I feel more emotionally and mentally stable. It’s a daily gift of time for myself and has definitely become part of my self-care.

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