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Bestow Summer Cleanse

This cleanse is now FREE for life.

This cleanse is not about deprivation, it’s about abundance. It’s about flooding your body with tasty, cleansing, nourishing, rejuvenating nutrition.

New Zealand’s leading dermo-nutritionist, Janine Tait, has designed the summer cleanse programme in partnership with food-guru, Sheryl Nicholson, to deliver the full Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of all the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for skin and body health.

Start your summer cleanse by following the steps below:

We recommend you do yourself a favour and undertake a pre-cleanse week. During the pre-cleanse period you eat normally but give up coffee and alcohol. This will make the full Bestow Cleanse more doable and your cleanse reactions during the cleanse week less intense. Trying to tackle new recipes when you have a caffeine-withdrawal headache is not much fun! A full week of pre-cleansing is ideal, but even three days would be a huge advantage. If you really want to set yourself up well, take it one step further and also cut out processed foods like chocolate, chips, lollies, cakes etc. This will lower the intensity of sugar/sodium withdrawal symptoms during your full cleanse week.

Shopping List

Shopping List

Everything you need from your local store.

Our shopping lists have been designed for one person. Don’t forget to double the ingredients if you’re doing the cleanse with a family member or friend.

Order Bestow Products*

Order Bestow Products*


These products will aid you on your journey. They are optional, but have been designed with skin health in mind and will optomise your cleanse experience.

7-Day Meal Plan

7-Day Meal Plan

Printable and online versions.

This 7-day meal plan will teach you how to cook and eat in a whole new way. The Bestow way of eating has been designed with skin health in mind and is based on an unprocessed, whole-foods, nutrient-rich diet. The cleanse embraces our ‘cook once, eat twice’ strategy for efficient meal planning.

Prep Day (get started)

Prep Day (get started)

Fresh & 

The key to a successful cleanse is preparation. This makes pre-day the most important day of the programme! We recommend you do your food shopping in the morning and then allow yourself two hours in the kitchen to pre-make the recipes and meal elements that will make your life easier in the days ahead.

Take your time, prepare and enjoy the process.

We have set you up to succeed by designing the programme to be as stream-lined and doable as possible. To this end, we’ve split the Bestow Summer Cleanse into two parts: Days 1-4 and Days 5-7. The shopping list is in two parts so you can top up on fresh food half way through the programme.

1. Read the 7 DAY MEAL PLAN. Tantalise your taste-buds by browsing the yummy food that awaits you over the next 7 days. You are about to embark on a nourishing culinary adventure!

2. Print & Review Shopping Lists. Schedule times in your diary when you will do your pre-cleanse and mid-programme shopping trips.

3. Review Meal Prep Plans with our ‘cook once, eat twice’ approach, you’ll find that you’ll frequently make extra of a lunch or dinner recipe which will be incorporated into a different meal the next day or later in the week. All the smart strategic thinking is done for you, you just have to follow the prep plan and carry-over notes on relevant recipes. On some days you will have some food prep to do for the following day as well as making your recipes for that day (which will be easier to make because of the prep you did the day before!) You’ll quickly find that there is an efficient rhythm to this way of preparing food.

4. Bestow Cleanse Preparation Day. The key to a successful programme is preparation. This means the most important day of the programme is the day before you start. We recommend you do your food shopping in the morning and then allow yourself two hours in the kitchen to pre-make the recipes and meal elements that will make your life much easier to manage in the days ahead.

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