The Shopping List below is for one person.
The number of lemons is high because we encourage you to have lemon water on rising which uses half a lemon per person. If lemons are in short supply then you can use 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water per person instead.

Bananas, fair trade 8
Broccoli head 1
Buttercup pumpkin
Cabbage half
Carrots 4
Celery bunch half
Coriander, pots 2
Fresh ginger 10 cm
Garlic head 2
Italian parsley, pots 3
Leek 1
Lemons 10
Medjool dates, each or a packet 14
Onions 5
Pears 1
Spinach, bag (double the quantity if you would like to eat more leafy greens) 2
Spring onion, bunch 1
Sweet potato, medium size (Kumara) 4
Chicken, boneless thigh fillets 400g
Chicken, whole free range half
Blackstrap molasses, jar 1
Brown rice, bag 1
Brown rice flour, bag 1
Buckwheat flour, bag 1
Buckwheat, groats, bag 1
Cacao, small bag 1
Cacao nibs, small bag 1
Chia seeds, small bag 1
Coconut Oil, small jar 1
Lentils, 400g tin 1
Millet, puffed, bag 1
Rice syrup, small jar 1
Sauerkraut, jar 1
Tahini, small jar 1
Almonds, whole, 70g packet 1
Almond Meal, 70g packet 1
Almond Milk, unsweetened 2 litres
Almonds, slivered, 70g packet 2
Apple Cider Vinegar, bottle 1
Baking powder, packet 1
Baking soda, packet 1
Bay leaves, packet 1
Cannellini beans, 400g tin 1
Cardamom, packet 1
Chickpeas, 400g tin 1
Cinnamon, packet 1
Coconut milk, 400ml tin 1
Coconut yoghurt (dairy free), large jar 1
Coconut, long thread, bag 1
Coriander, ground, packet 1
Cumin seeds, packet 1
Cumin, ground, packet 1
Curry powder, packet 1
Eggs, free range 1/2 dozen
Fennel seeds, packet 1
Garam Marsala, packet 1
Ginger, ground, packet 1
Olive oil, bottle 1
Olives, green, pitted, small jar 1
Peppercorns, packet 1
Prunes, pitted, bag 1
Pumpkin seeds, bag 1
Raisins, bag 1
Himalayan Salt, bag 1
Sesame oil, small bottle 1
Sesame seeds, packet 1
Sunflowers seeds, bag 1
Tamari, bottle 1
Tomatoes, organic chopped, 400g tin 2
Turmeric, ground, packet 1
Vanilla Essence, small bottle 1
Walnuts, 70g packet 1
Wild Salmon, 200g tim 1
Baking paper, roll  1
Epsom Salts, small bag for bathing 1
Lavendar Essential Oil, small for bathing 1
WHOLE LIST for Days 5 to 7
Coriander, pot 2
Mushrooms, portobello 4
Thyme, packet or pot 1
Spinach, bag 1
Rocket, bag 1
Italian parsley, pot 1
Broccoli, head 1
Chicken, drumsticks 6
Fish, snapper fillet 1

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