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You will receive payment and shipping confirmation via email. Your Bestow Love Your Gut Pack will be shipped the day of your purchase, provided you place your order before 3pm. You can expect it to arrive in 1-3 days.


Each day of the programme you’ll receive an overview email with the meals, notes and rituals for that day. These emails will commence based on the time-frame you select below, giving you time to buy groceries, do a pre-cleanse and get organised. If you begin your programme later than planned, just file the emails away in a folder and revisit the relevant email each day once you start.

Please fill out the form, select your start option and then just click the ‘REGISTER’ button. This will ensure that you receive your daily emails.


Once you have logged in please visit the Getting Started tab and download and read the Getting Started Guide.

This beautiful orientation document is essential reading as you prepare to begin your Bestow Love Your Gut Programme. We suggest you read it in one sitting and then keep it handy in case you need to refer to it again. Getting your head around the recipes, meal prep plans and rituals can be like putting together a puzzle and the Getting Started Guide is like the picture on the box that helps it all make sense!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jenny on