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¼ of a cabbage, finely shredded (either red or green or a combination of both)
½ cup of raw greens (for example kale, spinach, rocket)
1 apple, grated
2 spring onions, finely sliced
1 small handful of Italian parsley, finely chopped
½ a cup of cooked chicken, shredded
½ an avocado, sliced
½ a cup of sprouts – radish sprouts are perfect with this dish
Himalyan Salt
Cracked Black Pepper

To Serve
Bestow Lemon Vinaigrette with an extra teaspoon of mustard added.
½ a cup of brown rice, cooked

Suitable for:
Lunch | Dinner


We add extra mustard to the usual Bestow dressing to enhance the flavour which balances perfectly with the slaw.

Place all of the salad ingredients in a bowl, add a generous amount of Bestow Lemon Vinaigrette and combine. Serve over brown rice. Season well.


This is a basic but tasty meal. The mustard in the dressing gives it an extra kick and goes perfectly with the slaw. There is a large amount of green in this dish with cabbage, spinach, spring onion, parsley and the sprouts. Leafy greens are power houses of skin nutrients so we try and include them in as many meals as we can!


1 Sweet Potato Rosti
½ an avocado
1 tablespoon of Bestow Beauty Oil or Beauty Plus Oil
A squeeze of lemon juice
Himalayan Salt
Cracked Black Pepper
Fresh herbs (optional)

Suitable for:
Breakfast | Lunch | Dinner


Two Bestow favourites – Sweet Potato and Avocado meet to create a simple but sensational breakfast.

Smash the avocado with lemon juice, Bestow Beauty Oil and season. Add fresh herbs such as basil, parsley or coriander. Spread on to the Sweet Potato Rosti.


This is a beautiful tasting and simple recipe for breakfast. A Bestow take on the very popular smashed avo except that instead of toast we have the sweet potato rosti. The avocado is a very good source of healthy fats which will keep you satiated and also provides a good amount of vitamin E needed for skin and overall health.


Serves one

2 Sweet Potato Rosti
75gm of smoked salmon
1/2 to 1 cup of spinach leaves
1/2 cup of broccoli florets, blanched
A dollop of Creamy Avo Sauce
1 tablespoon of sauerkraut
1 tablespoon, pumpkin seeds
Himalayan salt
Cracked black pepper

Suitable for:

Vegetarian and other options
We have used smoked salmon as protein, however many other animal or plant based protein options would work. Cannelloni beans would be a good option for a plant-based protein version of this meal. 


Arrange the ingredients in a bowl or fill each rosti as we have done, season to taste.


This is delicious bowl that is truly sustaining. The focus is on the delicious, fresh produce surrounding the tasty rostis as the centre piece. The large amount of greens in this bowl create the much needed support your body needs at this stage. This bowl also provides your skin with many of the essential nutrients it needs to glow from within – vitamin A from the rostis, and vitamin B, zinc and vitamin C from the other elements. 

We have used salmon, however any other plant based protein option would be fine. For those who follow a vegan diet we would recommend replacing the sweet potato rosti with 1 medium sweet potato, cubed and roasted in the oven.


Click on the image below to view the recipe for Creamy Avo Dressing which is used in this Goodness Bowl.

  • December 5, 2017